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Behind the campaign

A strong and united European disability movement
More than 100 European, national and regional disability organisations are gathered with the European Disability Forum since 1997.

The European Disability Forum, created in 1997, is an independent and unique platform in Europe protecting and defending the rights of disabled persons. Its ambition and daily work is to influence the European Union legislation, as each EU decision and initiative has a direct impact on the everyday lives of European citizens with disabilities at all levels.
1997-2007 - 10 years fighting for disability rights in Europe, successes to date
  • More and more European cities offer accessible public transport to persons with reduced mobility,
  • Employers must apply recruitment procedures on the basis of equal opportunities and offer to accommodate the workplace according to the needs of the disabled person
  • A disabled person can start a legal complaint procedure after he/she found himself/herself discriminated by his/her employer
  • More and more public websites are accessible to persons with disabilities
  • More and more lifts meet the necessary accessibility requirements
  • More and more mobile phones are now accessible to visually impaired persons
  • The Euro is most accessible currency ever in Europe through its coins and banknotes
  • Persons with disabilities are entitled to benefit from a full quality assistance service when traveling by air from departure airport until destination airport
  • 35% of the EU funding to regional and local areas must respect the principles of non-discrimination and full accessibility to disabled persons 

This is only a start, much more needs to be done
to achieve full integration of disabled persons in society.

One minute of your time can change the lives of 50 million citizens
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Read EDF Declaration on disability rights in Europe, click here
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European Year of Equal opportunities for all

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