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The European Disability Forum is a European organisation. We often use the shorter name EDF for the European Disability Forum.

EDF was set up in 1997.
Since 10 years, EDF represents disabled people in the European Union.
Since 10 years, EDF supports all disability groups.
Since 10 years, EDF promotes equal opportunities for disabled people.
Since 10 years, EDF improves the life of disabled people in Europe by

  • taking actions,
  • leading projects,
  • supporting new laws and programs,
  • initiating new measures.

In the future, EDF will continue to fight for

  • equal rights for all
  • education for all
  • jobs for all
  • independent living
  • accessibility to health care, services, culture, transport and information.

Of course, EDF will also continue to fight against discrimination.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, EDF has written a strong paper.

This paper has 8 points.

You can read those points here

If you agree to those 8 points, you can help and support EDF.

You can do that by adding your name to the list of people who think that those 8 points are very important.

EDF would like to have 1 million signatures on this paper.
This means that a lot of people support it.
EDF will give it to the European Commission in October 2007.
The European Commission then has to listen to what we say.

Please, go here and put your name on the list.

Your name and e-mail will not be given to anyone else.
Your name and e-mail will not appear anywhere on the website.
Nobody will be able to see that you signed this paper.

For more information, you can contact info@edf-feph.org

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1.364.984 signatures !

European Year of Equal opportunities for all

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