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Our supporters

Picture Hans Gert PoetteringHans Gert Poettering
President of the European Parliament
European values have their fundamental roots in the dignity of the individual. In the dignity of the individual we respect the other, make a commitment, and thus build a system based on responsibility and solidarity. In our practical political activities we should always serve the dignity of the individual, and I would like to encourage all of us to defend human dignity and human rights throughout the world.
The European Parliament has supported the call for disability-specific legislation on a number of occasions. In light of the signature of the European Communities and its Member States of the UN Convention of Persons with Disabilities, the European Parliament would like to renew its commitment to non-discrimination and equality for persons with disabilities in Europe and beyond. I therefore wholeheartedly support this initiative of the united European disability community in favour of the disability-specific directive.
Frieda Brepoels, MEP (BE)Frieda Brepoels (Belgium)
Member of the European Parliament
"The motto of the European Union "united in diversity" does not only refer to the different backgrounds of the Member States. For me, it also expresses our commitment to give equal opportunities to all European citizens.  Therefore I strongly support this campaign, believing that prsons with a disability should be able to live as independently as possible. In this regard, steps towards a more inclusive European society are key. As Member of the European Parliament I will contribute to reach these goals".
Bairbre De Brun, MEP (UK)Bairbre DeBrun (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
"The European Union is committed to equal opportunity for all its citizens. Nonetheless, in reality, 50 million EU citizens with a wide range of mental and physical disabilities suffer discrimination everyday throughout European society.  We need to stop organising society in a way that benefits the able bodied only. Now is the time for strong effective EU-wide legislation that goes beyond the question of employment to enforce the rights of disabled people across all areas of society.  The Year 2007 has been designated the year of Equal Opportunities. As Sinn Féin MEP for the North of Ireland I pledge my strong support to the "1million4disability" campaign for proposed EU legislation that will guarantee this basic civil right, and to help gather signatures in my constituency"
Photo Alain Hutchinson, MEP (BE)Alain Hutchinson (Belgium)
Member of the European Parliament
During my mandate as former Minister for Housing and Social Cohesion in Brussels, I wholeheartedly supported projects of the not for profit making organisation "Le 8ème jour" which aims to promote independent living for persons with disabilities.  Since my election as Member of the European Parliament, I promised to support within my new mandate the fight for social inclusion of the members of this organisation.  The "1million4disability" campaign is the best way to do so!"
Giorgio Napolitano (Italy)President of Italian Republic, Mr Giorgio Napolitano
President of the Italian Republic
"I wish to express my great appreciation for the decennary commitment of the European Disability Forum to legislative measures against all forms of discrimination towards persons with disabilities and for the campaign "1million4disability".
Belgonging to Europe, as a common patrimony of values and endeavour to improve the cohesion of our society, compels institutions, political forces, and citizens to fight all forms of discrimination and, in particular,those based on different physical or mental abilities.

For this reason, I wish to send to the organisers of the campaign "1million4disability" my strong encouragement for their commendable action aimed at contributing to the promotion of legislation against discrimination towards persons with disabilities"
Austrian Parliament - Handing out of signatures
Mrs Christine Lapp (Austria)
Member of the Austrian Parliament
Speaker for people with disabilities
Social Democratic Party of Austria
"I have started a parliamentary initiative to sign the campaign. I am proud to announce that all the members of the Social democratic Party of Austria have supported your demands.
The President of the Austrian Parliament, Barbara Prammer and me have handed over all the collected signatures to your Austrian Member Organisation ÖAR.
In my function as the speaker for people with disabilities of the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) I struggle on a daily basis for the inclusion and the sincere need of an elimination of barriers in the daily lives of people with special needs.  We have the same aims and goals, that is why I fully support your initiative.
I wish you all the best and a lot of success to reach the important aim of one million signatures."
Massimo D'AlemaPicture Massimo D'Alema (Italy)
Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vice-President of the Italian Council of Ministers

It is a great satisfaction for me to support the “1million4disability” campaign promoted by the European Disability Forum, which aim is to facilitate the adoption of comprehensive and efficient European legislation for the protection of disabled people’s rights. I am convinced that this is a particularly praiseworthy initiative that will constitute a fundamental step forward towards the full integration and social inclusion of people with disabilities.

I believe that despite the notorious achievements reached so far, a lot remains still to be done. Important initiatives, both at EU and international level, such as the European Action Plan on Disability and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, represent a clear signal of the growing commitment to promote equality and non discrimination of disabled people.

We need now to unite our forces to fill the gaps that refrain us in defining an efficient common framework for the recognition and protection of the rights of disabled people.
Photo Richard Corbett MEP (UK)
Richard Corbett (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
"Disability discrimination is often visible but that does not make it any less real or the suffering of those affected any less genuine. As European policy maker we have a duty to ensure common standards and provision for those with disabilities and to stamp out disability discrimination"
Photo Den Dover, MEP, UK
Den Dover (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
"I totally support your efforts of the European Disability Campaign and as a Member of the Parliament for 18 years and Member of the European Parliament for 8 years I know how important it is for elected representatives at all levels to fight for the rights of persons with disabilities."
Photo MaryLou MacDonald (MEP)
Mary Lou McDonald (Ireland)
Member of the European Parliament
"I am fully supportive of the 1million4disability campaign. People with disabilities, more than 50 million across Europe, must have their basic rights vindicated. This is a matter of huge importance for European policy makers and Member State Governments, who have the capacity and the political responsibility, to act. The time for action is now."
Photo Marian Harkin, MEP, Ireland
Marian Harkin, Ireland
Member of the European Parliament
"I give my full support to this campaign. I have signed the petition and I have encouraged those in my constituency back home in Ireland to do also through the local newspapers and through my constituency office in Siglo. I have already collected a vast amount of signatures and I hope to increase this number before October 4th."
Photo MEP Proinsia De Rossa (ES)
Proinsias De Rossa (Ireland)
Member of the European Parliament
"We are all equal, yet we are all different. That is a fundamental principle of European democracy.  The European Treaties guarante that no person may be discriminated against because they are "different". But in many areas of life that guarantee has not so far ensured that people with disabilities are treated equall or have a decent quality of life. This campaign to collect 1 million signatures in support of the basic demands for justice and fair play for people with disabilities is extremely important because it is reaching out to all citizens for their support.  I fully support this campaign and urge everyone to sign up for a "discrimination-free Europe".
Giovanni Paolo Bernini (Italy)
Giovanni Paolo Bernini (Italy)
Town Council for disability policy
Comune di Parma
"A society reaches the equal opportunities fulfilment when it becomes an inclusive and participative environment. This is a society where disabled people can be part of all life aspects with the full equity, without any discrimination, with respect and dignity, overcoming obstacles and prejudice with the appropriate social instruments. The inclusion only becomes effective with the participation of those discriminated and excluded."
PhotoMichele Emiliano, Mayor of BariMichele Emiliano (Italy)
Mayor of Bari
"I join the 1million4disability campaign with deep and firm belief, sure that the battle for the full social inclusion of disabled persons is a dutiful civilization battle.

Only guarantying to everybody the full availability of citizenship rights, in spite of any discrimination, we will be able to build up an equal and stronger community, capable of facing united the challenges of the future.

To welcome and to enhance the differences: I believe that this campaign represents an important stimulus so that the European Union could provide itself as soon as possible with a legislation that really promotes and protects the rights of disabled persons allowing their full human and civil expression".

University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy)Logo University of Eastern Piedmont
The University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy) is aware of the importance to assure equal opportunity for people with disabilities in all aspects of life, therefore supporting the campaign became a priority. We all have a responsibility in taking measures or actions to assist a student with disability to participate in education and training, thus everyone should ‘adopt a disability attitude’ without delay.
CON.S.COM Registro Nazionale Sociologi e Consulenti della Comunicazione (Italy)Logo CONSCOM
CON.S.COM. desires to support your campaign because we believe in diversity, which is an added value in all working and living experiences. CON.S.COM., as a disciplinary association, opens its spaces and opportunities to all people. In our organisation no one thinks differently. Thanks to share with us our thinking.
Picture Luca Pancalli
Luca Pancalli
President of the Italian Paralympic Committee
It might be normal that we look at disabled people as being different, but it should be even more normal that we ‘grow’. It is by growing, that we will make society advance.
Logo University of Modena (Italy)Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emllia (Italy)
“The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) supports the campaign ‘1million4disablity.eu: I stand for disability rights’ because we are conscious of its important contribution to the promotion of further inclusion of persons with disabilities in social life, education, and employment. Our university has dedicated particular attention to supporting a whole life project for students with disabilities, as we realised the importance of giving them professional skills to ensure equal opportunities for inclusion in society in line with the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities signed by our country in March 2007”


photo MEP Vincenzo Lavarra (Italy)Vicenzo Lavarra (Italy)
Member of the European Parliament
Committee on agriculture and rural development

The European Union has dedicated 2007 to equal opportunities for all. This is an year of discussion and thinking which is necessary for the EU to become avangarde in the defense of the rights of civil rights and in dismantling all the discriminatory barriers. In addition to legislative action that we must pursue with determination, we need to raise awareness of public opinion. It is for these reasons that I support firmly the campaign ‘1million4disability’.


Logo University of Varese (Italy)
University of Insubria - Varese-Como (Italy)
The University of Insubria is strongly committed to the support of people with disability who decide to enrol as students on its courses or to be involved in scientific research in its departments and centers, as part of its general strategy aimed at the promotion of equal opportunities for every one. Our University is therefore pleased to afford its utmost support to this proactive campaign for the adoption by the European Union and all member states of legislative measures aimed at overcoming all types of discrimination in any aspect of our lives.
University of Parma (Italy)
Prof. Gino Ferretti (Italia)
Rettore dell’Università degli Studi di Parma
The architectural barriers, social, cultural, of gender…don't get knock down: they are not built.
Logo University of Callabria
Università della Calabria (Italia)
University of Calabria (Italy)
We want to become campaign supporters for 1million4disability, as we are strongly convinced that  more rights means more freedom
GSA logo
Giornalisti Specializzati Associati (Italy)Association of Specialized Journalists
GSA  will support the "1million4disability" campaign to testify the importance of such initiatives to be covered by all the press as a moral obligation.
GSA firmly believes that press ethics consists also in supporting all endeavours aiming at affirming universal rights as a mission. And this is the time for disability

GSA will help 50 million disabled citizens in Europe to raise their voices on behalf of a European legislation to combat discrimination.

Dominic Lyle
Mr Dominic Lyle
Director General
European Association of Communication Agencies
“EACA is proud to support the ‘1million4disability’campaign and will actively do what we can to help end discrimination against disabled people. We at EACA strongly believe that advertising has an important role to play in the portrayal of disabled people in the media. By including disabilities in its creative output, advertising will help society gradually come to recognise that disability is not limited to just a few people in an insubstantial minority but that it is a normal and substantial part of the society in which we live. By harnessing positive images of disability, advertising can help the general public be more comfortable with people with disabilities by itself being comfortable with the issue and the language of disability. “
Ignasi Guardans Cambo (Spain) Picture Ignasi Guardans
Member of the European Parliament
“I firmly believe that disability deserves the strongest commitment from the European Union. Disabled people are citizens above all, and they must have their rights protected. The first of those rights is the right to live a normal life as much as that may be possible. I support this call for all EU institutions and Member states to do their best in practical terms to reach this goal throughout Europe. If we want, Europe can become the most inclusive place in the world".
Logo LTI-VehiclesLTI Vehicles (United Kingdom)
LTI Vehicles have signed the 1million4disability petition to support the European Disability Forum campaign for a "European Union in which disabled people's rights are protected through effective legislation, combating all forms of discrimination and guaranteeing the full inclusion of 50 million citizens with disabilities in the European society."
Pascal Duqenne (Belgium)Pascal Duquenne (Belgium)
Actor - Artist
Best Actor Award @ Cannes Film Festival (1996) - "Le 8ème jour"
My organisation «Le 8ème Jour» aims to build homes for persons with intellectual impairments in view to achieve social integration and non-discrimination. It is therefore an honour to support the campaign "1million4disability" acting today for tomorrow's society. Sign now!"  
Mr Nikos Tornaritis, Member of the Parliament (Cyprus)
Mr Nikos Tornaritis (Cyprus)
Member of the Parliament
"Η παροχή ίσων ευκαιριών σε όλους αποτελεί θεμελιώδη αρχή της Ευρωπαϊκής Οικογένειας. Ειδικότερα, η προστασία των δικαιωμάτων των ατόμων με αναπηρία και η καταπολέμηση κάθε μορφής διάκρισης πρέπει να αποτελεί ύψιστη προτεραιότητα για κάθε σύγχρονη κοινωνία.

Η Εκστρατεία του EDF ‘1million4disability’ αποτελεί ένα βήμα μπροστά, και είμαι σίγουρος ότι μέσα από τέτοιου είδους πρωτοβουλίες ο στόχος για αποτελεσματική καταπολέμηση των διακρίσεων εις βάρος των ατόμων με αναπηρία μέσα από τη λήψη νομοθετικών μέτρων από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση θα επιτευχθεί. "

Ambassador N. Zenon
Ambassador Alexandros N. Zenon (Cyprus)

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus 

"Together since 1957 is the logo to mark the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Together we should strive to dismantle barriers still encountered by people with disabilities. The 1millio4disability campaign deservers every support to promote effective legislation that would enhance equal opportunities for over 50 million European citizens with disabilities. Let us build a socially inclusive European Union we would be proud of."
Photo Lord Ashley of Stoke (UK)
Rt.Hon. Lord Ashley of Stoke (UK)
 Member of the House of Lords (Westminster)
 "This campaign is very important because if it succeeds a European disability specific legislation will have a great effect on the lives of many disabled people. It merits warm support and I hope that as many people as possible will sign it"
Mr Kyritsis, Member of the Parliament (Cyprus)
Mr Kyritsis (Cyprus)
Member of the Parliament
President of the Parliamentary Commission "Employment and Social Insurance"
"Με σεβασμό και απεριόριστη εκτίμηση ανταποκρίθηκα στην πρόσκληση σας να συγ κατ
αλέγομαι ανάμεσα στους επίσημους υποστηρικτές της εκστρατείας «1 million4disability” που στοχεύει στον τερματισμό της δυσμενούς διάκρισης ενάντια στα άτομα με αναπηρία. Ασφαλώς έχουν γίνει σοβαρά βήματα προς τη σωστή κατεύθυνση χρειάζονται όμως ακόμα περισσότερα
έτσι ώστε το όραμα μας για μια κοινωνία χωρίς διακρίσεις με ίσες ευκαιρίες για όλους να γίνει πραγματικότητα. Προσωπικά θα είμαι στην διάθεση σας να συζητήσουμε με ευαισθησία και κατανόηση τα όποια προβλήματα αντιμετωπίζουν τα άτομα με αναπηρία στην Κύπρο."
Mr Papadopoulos, Member of the Parliament (Cyprus)
Mr Papadopoulos (Cyprus)
Member of the Parliament 

"I really believe that a contemporary society is tried, in accordance with the way that treats its citizens with disabilities. It is therefore our obligation to prove, that we do not forget those who do not have the same opportunities, but on the contrary we want them here and with us as equal and productive units of the large European family."

Mrs Papadopoulou, Member of the Parliament (Cyprus)
Mrs Papadopoulou (Cyprus)
Member of the Parliament

"No discrimination is excused against persons with disabilities in the 21st century. The target of all us, the States, parties, organisations and citizens, has to be continuous, so as harmonised legislation that ensures in a great degree the rights of persons with disabilities to be actually implemented. As a Member of the Parliament and as a person with social sensitivity, I declare actively present in the campaign and willing to cooperate with the CCOD and EDF for improvement of the quality of life of person with disabilities."  

Photo Mr Perdikis, Member of the Parliament (Cyprus)
Mr Perdikis (Cyprus)
Member of the Parliament
President of Green Party

"I support the adoption of legislative measures by the European Union and the member states for combating discriminations in all fields of life, work, politics and society. I also believe that it is about time measures of positive differentiation to become a reality in those cases where this is required in order to facilitate the participation of persons with disabilities in equal terms in claiming work or education."

Prof. Dr. PLG Nihoul (Belgium)
Director, Center for Consumer Rights, Catholic University of Louvain
 "Le handicap ne nous est pas étranger. Tous, nous sommes, ou serons, dans notre vie, confrontés, un jour, de manière directe, au handicap. Même si nous sommes aujourd'hui valides ! Ce peut-être le handicap qui nous attend à la suite d'un accident. Ou l'annonce d'un enfant, contre toute attente, handicapé. Pour cette raison, notre société ne peut pas faire l'économie d'une réflexion profonde sur le sujet. Elle ne peut pas non plus refuser d'avancer dans la protection de ces personnes qui en ont besoin".
Signature : Prof. dr. PLG Nihoul, Directeur, Centre de droit de la consommation, Université catholique de Louvain.
Photo Colin Low, House of Lords, UK
Colin Low (UK)
Member of the House of Lords (Westminster)
"50 years after the Treaty of Rome and a decade after Article 13, disabled people are still waiting for equal rights. The EU's 50 million disabled people still face discrimination. 2007 is the opportunity for the EU to show leadership, demonstrating its commitment to equality and introducing the general disability directive we have been campaigning for and that has been promised for so long. As a Member of the House of Lords, Chair of RNIB and President of the European Blind Union, I am delighted to support this proactive EDF campaign for a general disability directive. We cannot fail."
photo Clouseau
Koen en Chris Wouters - Clouseau (Belgium - Flanders)
Pop music band and television entertainers
"Gelijke rechten voor personen met een handicap, wij vinden dat zo evident..."
Photo Pol Goossens (Belgian actor)
Pol Goossen (Belgium - Flanders)
"Ze telefoneerde mij.Een interview? Wanneer? Waar? Een routineklus.
Een week later zaten we oog in oog. Ai, via de telefoon kon ik onmogelijk opmaken dat ze rolstoelgebruikster was. Ze lachte mijn verbazing en onwennigheid meteen weg. We praatten over de wereld, over zelfmedelijden, over spijt, over de dood, over Thuis en Familie, over emoties, over geld, over de liefde, over cultuur, over vergiffenis, over de angst om ouder te worden, over een volmaakte dag en over afscheid nemen. In plaats van een routinekluswerd heteen knàller van een interview, met een interessante doodgewone vrouw overinteressante doodgewone dingen. Zo zie je maar. Vooroordelen .. weg ermee!"
Photo Nigel Williams (Belgium)
Nigel Williams (Belgium - Flanders)
Artist humorist stand-up comedian
'The level of civilization in society can only be measured by the way we treat those more vulnerable than ourselves'
Photo Gert Hoste (Belgium)
Geert Hoste (Belgium - Flanders)
Artist humorist stand up comedian
"Ik kom actief op voor de mensenrechten. Gelijkheid is een van de mensenrechten. De Europese Unie is gegrondvest op beginselen als respect voor mensenrechten. Het is dan ook niet meer dan logisch dat de Europese Commissie én het Europees Parlement de daad bij het woord voegt en maakt dat de bestaande ongelijkheden tussen personen met en personen zonder handicap, de Europese Unie worden uitgeholpen. Sterker nog. De EU speelt ook een steeds belangrijkere rol op het gebied van de naleving van de mensenrechten in de wereld. Dus niet alleen binnen de unie, maar in de hele wereld, moet er werk van gemaakt worden van dit gelijkheidsbeginsel."
Photo Brigitte Grouwels (Belgian Secretary of State on Equal Opportunities)
Brigitte Grouwels (Belgium)
Secretary of State on Equal Opportunities
Region of Brussels

As the capital of Europe, Brussels must be proactive in the field of equal opportunities.  I therefore fully support the European Disability Forum awareness raising campaign.  Together we must fight for the respect of persons with disabilities and, in my capacity of Secretary of State on Equal Opportunities, I commit to ensure equal rights for persons with disabilities as any other citizen.  I pay a particular attention to women with disabilities who too often face double discrimination, on the ground of their gender as well as their disability.  It is our responsibility to remain vigilant to specific problems.
Picture of Richard Howitt
Richard Howitt (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
President of the Disability Intergroup
"Seven years after the Portuguese Presidency promised us a European disability non-discrimination legislation and four years after the European Commissioner gave us the same promise, 2007 is the year when those promises are to be realised. The European Parliament
believes that a comprehensive disability directive must be adopted without any further delay".
Photo Jan Andersson
Jan Andersson (Sweden)
Member of the European Parliament
President of the EP Employment and Social Committee
Vice President of the Disability Intergroup
"Equal rights and equal opportunities for all are fundamental starting points for my political work. There is an EU directive regarding discrimination of disabled persons on the labour market. But it is important that we have an EU directive on discrimination of persons with disabilities covering all areas of society. Therefore, I support the "1million4disability campaign".
Photo Elizabeth Lynne
Elizabeth Lynne (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
Vice President of the Disability Intergroup
"It is vital that we keep up pressure on the European Commission to bring forward a specific disability directive under article 13 to outlaw discrimination on access to goods and services, as adopted by the European Parliament in my report on the EU's Disability Action Plan 2006-2007. There is no point in paying lip-service to disabled people's rights. We have to continue the fight for all EU citizens to be treated as equal".
Photo Evangelia Tzampazi
Evangelia Tzampazi (Greece)
Member of the European Parliament
Vice President of the Disability Intergroup
"On the occasion of the launch of EDF's "1million4disability" campaign, let us pledge again to do our utmost to achieve the vision of an inclusive, people-centred, development-orientated society. And let us redouble our efforts to ensure that, we, people with disabilities can exercise our human rights and play our full part in the economic, social and political lives of our societies"
photo Dieter Koch
Dieter-Lebrecht Koch (Germany)
Member of the European Parliament
Vice-President of the EP Disability Intergroup
"The soul of Europe is the tolerance of its people and the premise for tolerance is freedom and curiosity. The campaign "1million4disability" aims to sharpen our awareness and acceptance and prompt us to discover the talents, strengths and needs of others in order to promote equality and fairness.  Any one of us could suffer from reduced mobility from moment to the next, either through illness, an accident, age or simply by travelling with too much bulky luggage. Think how grateful one would be to discover that someone had already thought of providing a barrier-free access to buildings, transport or services. I vouch for the consideration of the needs of people with disabilities in all European laws".
photo Mairead McGuinness
Mairead McGuinness (Ireland)
Member of the European Parliament
Member of the EP Disability Intergroup
"As an active member of the Disability Intergroup I fully support all efforts to make sure that equal rights are secured for people with disabilities. This is much more than a debate about access, we need to change mindsets and make sure that all people's rights, including those with disabilities, are protected by strong legislation at EU level".
photo Grazyna Staniszewska, MEP
Grazyna Staniszewska (Poland)
Member of the European Parliament
Vice President of the EP Disability Intergroup
"I fully support the campaign "1million4disability". I am very glad that it has such a wide social and public dimension. Apart from the appropriate legislation it is crucial to promote the rights of disabled people and to educate our society. Only in such a way we can effectively counteract the discrimination of persons with disabilities."
Photo Jean Lambert, MEP
Jean Lambert (UK)
Member of the European Parliament
Member of the EP Disability Intergroup
"I support this campaign because I believe in universal human rigths, equal treatment before the law and an inclusive society. We need to strengthen EU equality legislation. This is a good place to start."
Photo Prof Dr Theo Van Boven, UN special rapporteur against torture
Prof. Dr. Theo Van Boven (The Netherlands)
Emeritus Professor of International Law at Maastricht University
UN Special Rapporteur against Torture (2001-2004)
"It is with full conviction that I join the petition launched by the European Disability Forum appealing to the European Union and its institutions to draw up effective anti-discrimination legislation in support of all persons with disabilities. We must all recognize, notably as citizens of a Europe committed to the cause of human rights, that discrimination against any person on the basis of disability is a violation of the inherent dignity and worth of the human person.
Action at the European level also responds to global efforts to combat and outlaw discrimination. In this regard we welcome the recent adoption by the United Nations on 13 December 2006 of a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities. Non-discrimination is a major objective and principle of this new legal instrument as well as full and effective participation and inclusion of all persons with disabilities in society and equality of opportunity.  The UN Convention offers the unique opportunity that not only States but also regional integration organizations such as the European Union become parties to the Convention and its Optional Protocol on the right to petition. I use this occasion to appeal all EU Member States and to the European Union itself to take energetic steps towards early ratification of this important new United Nations instrument".
Photo Enrique Sanchez Guijo, EPC President
Enrique Sanchez Guijo (Spain)
President of the European Paralympic Committee (EPC)
"It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to do our bit for the "1million4 disability" campaign. EPC is the only EDF member organisation from the disability sport movement, and we mustn’t forget some athletes with disabilities still suffer discrimination when doing sport or attempting to access sports facilities. What is more, boys and girls with disabilities are often not given the chance to do sport in physical education classes in schools in Europe, thus depriving them of their right to sport. EPC applauds EDF for taking this initiative and we will do everything to ensure the campaign is successful.”
Photo Kathy Sinnott
Kathy Sinnott (Ireland)
Member of the European Parliament
Vice-President of the Disability Intergroup
"The campaign message is positive and makes a clear call for action : "1million4disability" will demonstrate that the disability movement is made up of active and valuable citizens.  We have been hampered by the legislative system that gives the European Commission sole responsibility for initiating legislation, as MEPs would have produced a Disability Directive a long time ago.
As it says, today we take a stand, we citizens of the countries of Europe with disabilities, together with friends, family, supporters, and everyone who values the human person, justice, fairness and a future".
More campaign supporters will be listed on this page throughout the 9 month campaign.
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